Our Services

Information is an important part of a community’s infrastructure.

In today’s connected world, we have access to more information than ever before, but people are consuming it in different ways than they did in the past.

In a small community, it’s easy to assume that “everybody knows” about an upcoming meeting, festival or community event. We want to make sure they do.

We want people to attend local events, shop at local businesses and share the great things that are happening in our community with others.

We share information about what’s going on in Cass County, Indiana in several ways:

Posting community events on CassCountyCalendar.com.

Sharing local news and information on Cass County Online.

Sending texts messages about the community through CASSINFO mobile alerts.

Sharing community information on social media: on Facebook (and Twitter) CassCountyCalendar.com (@casscalendar) and CassCountyOnline (@cassonline), and on Instagram (@cassnetwork).

Sending our subscribers a weekly e-mail filled with local news, information and events.